Kleen & Go Microfibre Wiper Mop
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Kleen & Go Microfibre Wiper Mop

In 2016 MR CLEAN launched the Kleen & Go Wet & Dry Microfibre Mop in Singapore.

Who wants to wash a dirty mop or buy wipes just to throw them away? We all know that wiper mops make floor cleaning faster and easier, although up until now you use one dry or one wet wipe and throw them away. Instead of throwing away money, MR CLEAN provides you with a unique, reusable microfiber mop wipe.

You can use a wipe dry to sweep or wet using your favourite floor cleaner for a deep clean. Let the microfibre do all the work & once your floor is sparkling clean, just replace the reusable microfibre mop wipe with a fresh one and put the dirty one in the wash. The wipes can be washed and reused up to 30 times, saving you money.

How’s that for a great idea?